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Atif Aslam on

Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer, with songs such as Wo Lamhe, Pehli Nazar Mein and O Saathi being some of his greatest hits in Bollywood. In this interview, Atif shares stories of his childhood, he talks about how he balances fame with his personal life, his views on romance and what it is like being a father amongst it all. Watch to discover the human behind the title.

is a ILpost interview show hosted by Anas Bukhash that shines the spotlight on the raw side of celebrities, influencers, and achievers as human beings. Each guest is known for being an inspiration and for being influential as experts in their respective fields.

عاطف أسلم هو النجم الباكستاني الذي اشتهر في باكستان والهند بأغانيه المميزة مثل وه لامهي وتاجدار حرم وكن فيكون . في هذه الحلقة، يتحدث عاطف عن طفولته والحب وعن القيثارة التي جعلته يصبح الفنان الذي هو عليه اليوم. شاهدوا الحلقة لمعرفة قصة عاطف!

هذا البرنامج هو سلسلة من المقابلات الحوارية التي تعرض على اليوتيوب ويقدمها أنس بوخش، حيث يكشف الجانب الصادق
والإنساني للعديد من المشاهير والرياضيين ورواد الأعمال والمؤثرين ويسلط الضوء على قصصهم الإنسانية الملهمة والمؤثرة.

Produced by: Bukhash Brothers

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01:21 - How are you really doing?
03:33 - How was your childhood?
07:21 - How was your relationship with your parents?
10:11 - You were into cricket and not singing.
18:27 - I read that in one of your first songs, you invested your own money.
24:07 - Why are people commenting, "Look at what India lost?"
26:48 - Have women always been drawn to you?
29:14 - You sing a lot of romantic songs, but are you romantic?
32:52 - Do you think fame has changed you?
38:54 - What does 'love' mean to you?
49:43 - What is your favourite colour and three reasons why?
51:37 - Have you ever been heartbroken?
52:42 - What is something that you really like about Atif?
53:20 - Best moment in your life so far.
58:50 - Worst moment in your life.
1:08:35 - If we take Atif's heart and place it in front of you, what would it tell you?
1:09:11 - 'Atif' in one word?
1:09:31 - Special surprise.

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Dania Shahzad
Dania Shahzad 21 שעה לפני
This is one of my first interviews of Atif Aslam that I see and it was very nice and insightful as to what great character he has. I enjoyed the questions asked by Anas, however I noticed that most of the questions would skip any reference to Allah or the connections to religion Atif made. It was mostly about the world and not about his spirituality for which he actually has a lot of. So I would have hoped Anas tap into that a bit more . Not sure if the host didn’t notice that about him or he was avoiding the topic of religion?!
Mahdia MBM
Mahdia MBM 8 ימים לפני
الحوار رائع و راقي اكتشفت جانب جديد من الانسان المبهر عاطف اسلم و الذي يشرح الكثير بالنسبة لي في نوعية فنه اثرت فيا قصتين افضل لحظتين في حياته و اسوء لحظاته و اكتشفت من خلال كلامه انه متاثر جدا بالمتصوف الرومي و شمس الدين التبريزي و هذا واضح من نظرته للخالق و للمخلوقات مشكور صاحب الحوار لانه اظهر جانبا غير مكتشف من شخصية الضيف
f͠e͠r͠d͠o͠w͠s͠ חודש לפני
ممكن اسم اغنية يلي غناها عاطف باخر فيديو بليييز❤
FollowAyushMusic חודש לפני
One of the best-known interview next to me ... love u guys.@#ABtalks
فقَطْ! חודש לפני
نُريد أن نعرف عن حياة سامي يوسف وبداياته في ٢٠٠٣ ياريت تفاجؤونا بالمقابلة معه
ليالي صدقه
ليالي صدقه חודש לפני
ماشاء الله حلقة حلوةةة الله يعطيك العافيه ي انس
Tanusha Maigapu
Tanusha Maigapu חודש לפני
i love you atif sir💯huge respect always🙏you are humble & peaceful & down to earth person i never saw🌟we always gona love your voice, songs & u❤️dil se dil thak💙blue😘
ÀBD KHAN ROY 2 חודשים לפני
I am Big fan of Atif Aslam 🇵🇰
RAYHAN AADEEZ 2 חודשים לפני
Atif Aslam ❤️
Tasneem Osman
Tasneem Osman 2 חודשים לפני
Wow what an amazing interview with Atif. Thank you Anas 🙏
Nayera Hamdy
Nayera Hamdy 2 חודשים לפני
I love it.. 👏👏💙لقاء جميل جدا..
Aaqib Nazir.
Aaqib Nazir. 2 חודשים לפני
25:05 kunk Pakistani artists hawii padh rahai thai!!!
majd athamneh
majd athamneh 2 חודשים לפני
مش لاقية مقطع لما غنى عن زوجته 😔
Khan sister's Vlog
Khan sister's Vlog 2 חודשים לפני
I love this show ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ammanullah Ismail
Ammanullah Ismail 2 חודשים לפני
Thank you atif sir for bringing happiness into my life during the tough times in my life. Jazakallah
tasnim top
tasnim top 2 חודשים לפני
i loveeeee it
RAJIN STAR 2 חודשים לפני
Am your biggest fan.
Sawsan Othman
Sawsan Othman 3 חודשים לפני
Khadija Tul Kubra
Khadija Tul Kubra 3 חודשים לפני
I have watched many interviews of celebrities...but whenever i watch this guy talking he completely transforms me into his world that what would it be like to walk into his shoes it's not easy be an Atif Aslam ..i always am a fan of this personal traits equally as his music especially the way he handles criticism and made his personal life personal the way he talks about his relationship with Allah..i meanloook at his how grounded he is since all these year ..the best moments to worst moments...look at him how composed he is now...man the way he described his favourite color an artist can only think like that...only here to talk to fans true spirit if i could be I'll be that fan of you who wants to dig deep into your life as i love conversations of you...i always learn from his words....thanks Anas for this heart warming interview love from 🇵🇰
Rehab vlog
Rehab vlog 3 חודשים לפני
الله يرزقني بشخص نفس شخصيه عاطف ياااارب وياريت نفس شكله❤️
Kashif 3 חודשים לפני
Ana's it's not the Asian similarities but Muslim similarities are the things common in us Pakistanis are not so much different than Arab Muslims in terms of way of life feelings and family patterns
Yassine يــاسيــن
Yassine يــاسيــن 2 חודשים לפני
I confirm I am Tunisian and I live in Germany and I have Pakistani friends .. we are different but we have a lot of similarities
SidHeart ❤
SidHeart ❤ 3 חודשים לפני
It felt great to see Atif acknowledge our trend "BringBackAtifAslam - Trust me, Indian fans really do miss him because we've shared many memories with him here in India for many years, from waiting for his next release in a Bollywood film to seeing him rock every concert in Indian cities, watching him on Indian TV giving an interview or being a part of award shows etc. Atif has been an important part of our childhood too! We love and miss him a lot! 💜🇮🇳
Tamanna Sheoran
Tamanna Sheoran 3 חודשים לפני
How old is this interview??
Hubab Creations
Hubab Creations 3 חודשים לפני
Atif fans 💓🇵🇰
Tayyab Rehman
Tayyab Rehman 3 חודשים לפני
Thanks for putting Urdu subtitles
NEMO Prod 3 חודשים לפני
most ammazing show
SAMAR Essam 4 חודשים לפני
واحد من أفضل المغنيين في العالم والمفضلين بالنسبة ليا وقد ايه شخصيته متواضعة وجميلة❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Big fan from Egypt of the legend atif aslam ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 4 חודשים לפני
Bring back atif... 🥰
Yasir Jarral
Yasir Jarral 4 חודשים לפני
Artist Qamar Jahan
Artist Qamar Jahan 4 חודשים לפני
Love you Atif Aslam. Love from India ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘❤️😘❤️
Urmila Sharma
Urmila Sharma 4 חודשים לפני
Love you atif sir for nepal😘😘
Sarah McDonald
Sarah McDonald 4 חודשים לפני
He really has the most beautiful singing voice.
Rama Th
Rama Th 4 חודשים לפני
مبدع انت ❤️❤️
Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh 4 חודשים לפני
Love from india❣️❣️❣️❣️
Annie Khan
Annie Khan 4 חודשים לפני
No Doubt why he's achieving so much Masha'Allah, his moral values, his connection with Allah is so strong. I personally met him on Karachi airport once when he has just released Aadat, he was famous he was young but still was so humble and was meeting everyone as he's no big deal.
Ana Qamar
Ana Qamar 4 חודשים לפני
Most underrated & inspiring interview I hve ever seen. Atif you're the best ❤️
Mania Janii
Mania Janii 4 חודשים לפני
Anas bukhas hatts off to u i really love to see ur interview im obsessed. I think that u r a beautifull soul guy. I dont know how to explain my happiness in to words but im just only that Allah bless u forever Ameeeeen
Samia Khan *_*
Samia Khan *_* 4 חודשים לפני
Love ❤️
samar🤍 4 חודשים לפני
Such a beautiful soul, may allah bless him, I cannot find words.
Mardia With love
Mardia With love 4 חודשים לפני
His voice is a world of emotions
Music Masti
Music Masti 5 חודשים לפני
he is amazing he leave great songs that have a great impact not only on Pakistan or India, but the whole world. God bless him ❤❤❤❤
Murk Razzaque
Murk Razzaque 5 חודשים לפני
Soum 5 חודשים לפני
Atif was the first bollywood singer I fell in love with. I came across his song "pehli nazar mein" from race 1 movie many many years ago. I memorize every single song of his just by listening to them once, Aadat is still one of my favorites. His voice is in my opinion is the strongest, warmest and most melodious voice ever
chetana 5 חודשים לפני
Love from India Atif.
NeoSpy 5 חודשים לפני
SANAM SAEED next please. She is a powerful woman
Farhat Baber
Farhat Baber 5 חודשים לפני
A nice interview seen him in concert in London Royal Albert Hall amazing voice
Maria Nazarali
Maria Nazarali 5 חודשים לפני
When he sung at the end !! Oh my god ❤️❤️❤️ atif is just amaaaazing
Imran mohmand
Imran mohmand 5 חודשים לפני
Mr. Atif the best singer in Bollywood movies
Aakash Khan
Aakash Khan 5 חודשים לפני
Atif Aslam ❤️❤️❤️
Aakash Khan
Aakash Khan 5 חודשים לפני
I'M AFG 5 חודשים לפני
Thank you Anas & Atif for such an honest talk.
Adz01 5 חודשים לפני
An exceptional personality. Atif is Outstanding.
Forhad Hasan Ovi
Forhad Hasan Ovi 5 חודשים לפני
Mahira zeeshan
Mahira zeeshan 5 חודשים לפני
Anas your interviews are very spontaneous and have a flow. It will be nice if you interview Engin Altan of drillis Ertugrul fame. It will be interesting!
Idrees kirmani
Idrees kirmani 5 חודשים לפני
Man's a gem
Hasnain Ahmed
Hasnain Ahmed 5 חודשים לפני
We love you, Atif Aslam.
Doha 5 חודשים לפני
The good thing in Ana's interviews is two people talking in very nice warm way I like it استمر انس عجبتني المقابلة ومن غير ازعاج او noise music اهنيك على الترجمة الاردو مزبوطة وشيء حلو منك
Alex Azzurri
Alex Azzurri 5 חודשים לפני
nice hair transplant for atif
Muhammad Burhan
Muhammad Burhan 5 חודשים לפני
I like Atif
Muhammad Burhan
Muhammad Burhan 5 חודשים לפני
Thanks Atif
Shosha Ibrahim
Shosha Ibrahim 5 חודשים לפני
مقابله مع ماهر زين بليززززززززز
Intzar G
Intzar G 5 חודשים לפני
Atif has always been my favorite singer since childhood till now i vibe on his songs but today after watching this interview I'm also a fan of his personality, I've realized that how intelligent and humble this man is, May Allah always keep him happy and blessed.
nosa SSS
nosa SSS 5 חודשים לפני
المقابلة تجنن حبيت الاسئله والاريحيه إليّ قدمتها لعاطف عشان تطلعو بمقابله قليل عليها عليها رائعه وحبيت اجابات عاطف حبيت الكيمياء والتناسق إليّ صار بالمقابلة بينكم مررره شكرًا أنس على هذي المقابله شكرًا على اختيارك لعاطف من نواحي كثيره شكرًا لأنك ساعدتنا بمعرفة عاطف اكثر من ناحية مشواره الفني وبداياته وعائلته حرفيييا مرره شكرررا من قلب لأني دخلت المقابله بمود وطاقة سلبيه نوعا ما وخرجت منها بأمل وتفاؤل ونفسيه أفضل وايجابيه اكثر حرفيا حسّيت من جد إنّو ربي حط المقطع قدام عيني عشان اشوفه وأغير بنفسي وأتفاؤل شكرًا على الابتسامه إليّ م راحت عن وجهي طوال الساعة وال9 دقايق حرفيا استمتعت احسنت الاختيار
Cutie pie
Cutie pie 5 חודשים לפני
Atif aslam is best
Cutie pie
Cutie pie 5 חודשים לפני
Atif aslam is best
Kripali Amin
Kripali Amin 5 חודשים לפני
ATIF IS SO HUMBLE and amazing human being ... very simple plus impressive. He gave more than an hour to a talk show . No one would do that especially being a huge celebrity figure. 👏🏼 Respect Respect Respect ✊ ✊ ✊
Shafiq Wisal
Shafiq Wisal 5 חודשים לפני
Atif is best
Kripali Amin
Kripali Amin 5 חודשים לפני
I miss Atif in Bollywood like anything. 😭😭
Saachi Shetty
Saachi Shetty 5 חודשים לפני
Shiney Kurian
Shiney Kurian 5 חודשים לפני
I am born and raised in Alberta, Canada. My parents are from Kerala, India and I love many of these interviews. I like how Atif said, " We have not control anything, but we fight over everything". I also liked how he sang and how he described his life and how he likes walking where no one knows who he is. Atif Aslam, you are my age, come to Canada and here you will remain anonymous, many here may not know you :) I don't know why he chose the last word, "Blue?" Can anyone tell me why? Thank you. I enjoy this interviewer and his very personal questions. It seems like he likes to know people from the heart and learn more about himself in the process. I liked the interview with Adut Bior the best. She is beautiful, well spoken, been though so much and yet has a fragility, understanding and compassion for others. She is very young but truly stunning in body, mind and soul. Thank you for these interviews. It touches my soul and I needed to hear that.
Mohona Aadeez
Mohona Aadeez 5 חודשים לפני
What a amazing man he is oh my god.
HASNAIN KAZMI 5 חודשים לפני
Love u
كرم محمد عبد العزيز محمد عبد العزيز عبد
كرم محمد عبد العزيز محمد عبد العزيز عبد 5 חודשים לפני
mc170200762 Humza Ashfaq
mc170200762 Humza Ashfaq 5 חודשים לפני
Host Looks like Zayn malik.
FS Shahid Gaming
FS Shahid Gaming 5 חודשים לפני
Just love ❤️🇵🇰
Hanan 5 חודשים לפני
الكثير من الحب دائما كنت أحب عاطف وأغانية كانت مقابلة جميلة لأعرفه بشكل أعمق ❤
R. Alj
R. Alj 5 חודשים לפני
He’s amazing❤️
Chaudhary Amir
Chaudhary Amir 5 חודשים לפני
Love u Atif bhai u are proud of pakistan Always legend love u again atif bhai I'm your big big big fan everytime searching you interviews finally got it after speak you heart with samina peerzada interview this one is amazing also......
mehnaz Khan
mehnaz Khan 5 חודשים לפני
Hammas Ashraf
Hammas Ashraf 6 חודשים לפני
Arooj- 6 חודשים לפני
Imagine Mahira Ali here and struggling to speak English with her weird hand gestures and face expressions LOL
Iqoo Haq
Iqoo Haq 6 חודשים לפני
Who is zohra?
Rizwana Khatun
Rizwana Khatun 6 חודשים לפני
Ur music helped me through my teen time. Ur voice is soulful. U r a nice man atif
Easy Now
Easy Now 6 חודשים לפני
Mumtaaz L
Mumtaaz L 6 חודשים לפני
"We are in control over nothing, yet we fight over everything"
Raghd Raghd
Raghd Raghd 6 חודשים לפני
I think what he means by saying happiness is feeling satisfied and convinced of what you have..because when that happens hates and envy disappear from your heart
Beyla Zuberi
Beyla Zuberi 6 חודשים לפני
Anas you remind me Shaikh Zayed all the time
Jasneet Kaur
Jasneet Kaur 6 חודשים לפני
ATIF is sooo humble. That’s the best thing about him, and he taught us the power of gratitude & humbleness. And yes we want him back in India. We miss you more ATIF❤️ Hope to see you back here.
Ananya Bhatt
Ananya Bhatt 2 חודשים לפני
Yes truly
Wafa Fahad
Wafa Fahad 6 חודשים לפני
اشكرك لأنتقائك الضيوف ♥️ I am so grateful
Talha awan
Talha awan 6 חודשים לפני
I love you Atif aslam sir
nasim fatima
nasim fatima 6 חודשים לפני
Nice human
Anna 6 חודשים לפני
I love atif for a reason😣😣❤❤❤
sk khan
sk khan 6 חודשים לפני
Just love him ♥
Gx xxx
Gx xxx 6 חודשים לפני
Absolutely amazing interview. I could relate so much to Atif. He is very intriguing. I would love to meet him one day, and i promise to just have a conversation and not take a selfie. Gina x
Daylight!!! 6 חודשים לפני
Hopefully one day I will meet him and tell him how much his music has impacted me, one day InshAllah🖤
Mukaram Ahmad
Mukaram Ahmad 6 חודשים לפני
Atif Aslam ❤️❤️
Muneeb Ali
Muneeb Ali 6 חודשים לפני
In love with his personality. Srsly i am speechless to see someone with so much positiveness
kukuali 6 חודשים לפני
Absolutely Beautiful!!! Loved every bit of the interview!!! Could relate to him on so many points 🤩 He is so humble Masha Allah I would love to meet him and just have a talk ❤️🤩 (hopefully one day)
Kiran Imran
Kiran Imran 6 חודשים לפני
Seems like life has taught him so much, we all learn from life but in a hard way :) and agree love is all we need!!
Arfah Siddiqi
Arfah Siddiqi 6 חודשים לפני
I'm curious to know how you and Atif became friends, Anas. Please share :)
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